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The Water Extraction and Drying Process

It doesn’t matter if the water damage is from faulty pipes, leaking roof, or an act of nature; it is a disaster and needs to be remedied as quickly as possible. Proper water extraction and drying of the affected area should eliminate all moisture completely. This is extremely important to prevent mold from growing. Nothing should be overlooked, moisture, or water can build up behind walls, cabinets, under rugs and carpeting, around pipes and drains. Mold is naturally occurring in nature and we live with it on a daily basis. The problem is it can get into the house, attach itself to a damp surface and begin to grow spores which can become a health factor for people and pets as well.

Mold spores can begin to grow in as little as twenty-four hours if the temperature is between forty to one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, there is a moist surface that contains nutrients (which most surfaces contain). Not much can be done about the temperature and the nutrients, but the amount of available moisture can be controlled. Moisture in an unventilated space is a potential for dangerous mold.

Even though you can attempt to dry these areas yourself, it is unlikely that you will be completely successful. A professional in disaster restoration has the proper equipment and the expertise to dry the area completely. Once the area has been completely dried using air handlers and movers, they can test the area with a moisture sensor which, of course, means the drying process will be more successful. It only takes a small amount of moisture to create a perfect environment for spores to begin to grow in your home.

Some of the hardest mold to spot is behind drywall. Mold can even hide behind paint on the walls. It is possible that mold can be growing in your house without your knowledge because it only takes a small amount of uncontrolled moisture to give mold spores a breeding ground.

Mycotoxins are the toxic substance produced by many molds that can create some unpleasant health issues including skin rash or other allergic reactions, irritation of the nose, eyes, skin, throat, and lungs. There are more powerful carcinogens known as Aflatoxin B. It is uncommon to find this type of mold in your home but it is important to be aware of its existence and it has serious potential health risks.

Building integrity is another reason to start the drying process as soon as the moisture is discovered. Wood will begin to rot as soon as it comes in contact with the moisture and this will deteriorate the strength of the structure as soon as contact is made with the moisture. Steel framed building will also begin to lose structural integrity when it comes in contact with moisture. It will, of course, take longer.

A disaster does not have to occur for moisture to begin to build up under a building. Inspect your home and any other buildings that you have on your property on a regular basis. If you find, or smell mold, it is a good idea to contact the Flood Hub Company to schedule an inspection immediately for professional water extraction and drying.


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