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Recognizing Different Kinds Of Mold Damage

Mold remediation and removal is extremely vital if you have recognized spore growth in your home. Allergic reactions, chest infections, and other health problems can increase when mold is present. Though there are different types of mold, they all have one thing in common, if they get enough oxygen and moisture, they’ll grow anywhere. When there is excessive moisture, mold will grow well on ceilings, walls, floors, carpets, foods, wood, and paper. To a certain extent, controlling the amount of moisture in your home will reduce the presence of mold.

Leaks in pipes or the roof, lack of or poor ventilation, or changes in construction are some of the reasons that moisture problems can develop in a home. Water damage repairs can keep areas relatively dry, and control the amount of moisture condensation. Fixing leaky pumps, pipes, and roofs can be some common methods that are easily accomplished and will prevent the formation of mold. Sealing leaks can prevent wet spots, and if you have had a fire, cleaning smoke damaged walls will also retard any spore growth. Areas prone to excessive moisture should be kept dry and have enough ventilation to let in light and heat. A low humidity level indoors of approximately thirty to fifty percent should be maintained at all times. Be sure to do regular inspections and maintenance of all your buildings. These are the first steps in mold remediation and removal.

Because mold spores can remain hidden, it is possible that you do not see where they are forming. The fungi can become airborne; it is possible that they will cause infections. Pipe chases, utility tunnels, ceilings, and the back side of dry walls are some of the many places that mold fungi can grow without your knowledge. If the people living in the home are presenting health problems that you suspect could be caused by hidden mold that can possibly be identified by the “moldy smell”. You will need to do a thorough inspection of the building and once you find the spores you will have to take serious, immediate action for mold remediation and removal.

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