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How to Find A Trustworthy Restoration Professional

Over the past few years, erratic weather patterns have caused an unusual number of floods, hurricanes, storms, and tornados. Homes and businesses have literally been ripped apart. If the building does withstand the onslaught from Mother Nature, the damage can be extensive both inside and outside. It is important to hire a restoration professional with a good reputation.

You should be prepared to ask a number of questions before you make the final decision to hire a restoration professional to repair the storm damage to your home.

  • 1. Have they made similar repairs in the past? If not, maybe you shouldn’t be the first. It would be a good idea to continue to interview restoration professionals.

  • 2. Ask for references and speak with them personally. More than likely these clients are more than satisfied with the results.

  • 3. Schedule an appointment with one or two of the people on the reference list so you can see examples of the professional’s work.

  • 4. Ask the references for their impressions of, and experiences with, the restoration professional.

  • 5. How many projects did they complete the last year? Of course, there are factors to consider, how many employees does the company employ, or is this contactor an entrepreneur.

  • 6. How many projects does he currently have scheduled? It may not be a good idea to hire someone who seems to have too many projects scheduled. On the other hand, if this is a large company with several employees, this may be a sign they are a successful company.

  • 7. How many trained employees do they employ and is their training up-to-date on current laws and building codes? The chances are great that you will be required to have a building inspection after the restoration work is completed. This will be important to verify with the city that the building is ready for occupancy.

  • 8. Are they licensed, insured, and certified with the state? Don’t hire anyone who doesn’t comply with the law.

Communication with the owner and other interested persons is an important part of the professional contractor’s responsibility. The contractor should keep everyone updated on the progress as well as any problems that have been encountered, and the steps he will be taking to resolve the issue, as well as the timeline for completion of the project.

An experienced contractor should be able to identify the problems and have the experience to know how to resolve the issues. Many problems may look like an easy fix when they are first identified, however, there may be factors that have yet to be discovered.

The Flood Hub contractors in your city are licensed, insured, bonded, and will comply with all laws. They have the experience and the correct equipment to complete the job on time. Restoration is guaranteed to meet or exceed building code standards.

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