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Determining the Three Types Of Flood Damage

One of the worst things your home can suffer is carpet water damage. Carpet drying is a lengthy process that may never return your rug back to normal.

Water damage cleanup takes different forms depending on the type of flooding that has occurred. So, it is important to determine the kind of flood has assaulted the structure and how it has affected the carpets.

Flooding falls into three categories:

1: Sanitary

Carpet replacement is most likely not needed after sanitary flooding. A flood damage restoration specialist should be called as soon as possible.

The first thing to do following a sanitary flood is to spray on a disinfectant and then use a shop vac or carpet shampooer to pull out as much water as possible. It is vital to get out the water in order to keep fungi and bacteria down.

While the rug drying out, keep people from walking on it if possible. A latex which holds the carpet's two backings together will weaken if it sustains too much traffic at this crucial time. Take all furniture out of the room as well.

The latex will strengthen again when the carpet has dried. The carpet should be dry within twelve hours but this process can be sped up by pulling it away from the tack strip and padding. If the air is very humid, try a dehumidifier.

2. Unsanitary flooding

This is not as bad as black water flooding unless it is allowed to sit too long.

Then it can become as filthy as black water. It is best to regard unsanitary water damage as unfixable and simply have the carpet replaced in order to avoid potential health problems.

If this is not possible, disinfect the carpet as much as possible and wear protective gear if contact with the water is likely. An overflowing toilet with waste in it, or any polluted or contaminated water is considered unsanitary. Do this only it is absolutely necessary. This type of flooding is not safe and should be regarded as a health threat. Remember, the safest thing to do is tear out all of the contaminated rugs.

3. Black water flooding

This threatening filth is made up of raw sewage, seawater or water that comes from the ground. The building should be evacuated and not re-inhabited until everything is sanitized.

Carpet drying should not be considered. Instead, all contaminated rugs should be thrown out as well as anything else that is absorbent. Carpets undergoing this type of water damage are in a dangerous condition. Unfortunately, few warranties cover carpets damaged by any type of flooding. When carpet water damage happens, it is important to find flood damage restoration professional right away.

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